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      We  offer coordinating services to public and private child pacing agencies, attorneys and other intermediaries. We specialize in domestic and international adoption homestudies.  Working with the adoption agency of your choice, we are able to provide cost effective homestudies.  In addition, we are affiliated with licensed child placing agencies in the state of Florida and are able to provide agency home studies when required.  Our individualized attention and comprehensive services will ensure continuity throughout your adoption experience. 
Direct Services Facilitated Groups
  • Consultation
  • Domestic Adoption Homestudies
  • International Adoption Homestudies
  • Birth Parent Interviews
  • Post-Placement Supervision
  • Parent-Child Interactive Play Groups (Infant-Toddler-Preschool)
  • Support Group for Waiting Parents
  • Support Group for Adult Adoptees
  • Support Group for Birth Parents
Community Outreach Education
  • Speakers for Adoption Forums
  • Referrals for Specialized Services
  • Meetings for Children & Parents
    • Specific Cultures
    • Bi-racial Families
    • Single Parents
  • Prospective Parent Orientation
  • Adoptive Parenting Education
  • Professional Consultation/Training
  • Adoption Awareness Workshops

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