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National Adoption Information Clearinghouse-a service of the Children's Bureau.
Read featured articles from a favorite magazine and subscribe on line.
Large selection of adoption and adoption related books.
Large selection of adoption and adoption related books-usually less expensive.
Russian adoption related general information--good links.
Eastern European Adoption Coalition.  Go to table of contents and find medical/ resources for a list of Doctors who evaluate videos of adoptable children. Not agency specific.
Families with Children From China. Information and links to other sites. Not agency specific.
China Centre of Adoption Affairs- current updates and form requirements.
Joint Council on International Children Services - legislative updates and country specific information.
Health and medical information.
Passport applications to download (may require downloading Adobe Acrobat).
Adoption rules and laws by country.
Forms, fees to submit and where to file forms locally.
List serve for parents adopting from Vietnam.

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