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Adoption Affiliates of South Florida strives to make your home study an interactive and informative experience. As adoption specialists, we have extensive experience with both domestic and international adoptions. Our home study reports satisfy the requirements of the Immigration and Naturalization Services, the State of Florida and specific countries.

It is usually more cost effective to have your home study conducted by an independent licensed clinical social worker. In cases requiring an agency home study, we can provide this service through our affiliations with Florida licensed child placing agencies.

A home study consists of meeting with a licensed clinical social worker for the purpose of determining the ability of an individual or couple to parent a child through adoption. At least one of the visits will take place in your home. You will be asked to share information about your personal background, education, employment, values, lifestyle and marital relationship if you are married. Your social worker will discuss with you your ideas about parenting, experiences with children and your motivation and feelings about adoption.

A full home study report will be prepared following completion of the interviews and submission of required documents. Your social worker will advise you about the specific documents required for your home study.

Adoption is both a process and a unique experience. We are here to help prepare you for your role as adoptive parents by providing personal support, resource materials and information about local support groups for prospective parents.

We will be pleased to discuss any questions and concerns you may have and look forward to meeting with you.
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